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Imprimere 1063 3D Concrete Printing

1063 3D Printing is a large-sized concrete 3D printer and is usually used in
building construction. This printer has a print volume of 5.75 x 2.96 x 6.25
meters. With a build volume of 5.75 x 6 x 6.25 meters. The use of this machine
can reduce production costs and time efficiency. To get high precision and
detail this tool is also equipped with a milling knife, then to capture printed
objects digitally also equipped with a 3D scanner. So consumers can scan the
object to be printed as they wish.
       The concept of this machine uses
concrete deposition technology automatically so that the printing process can
be done more quickly. In addition, this tool can do 3D milling and scanning.
Then easily distributed to other places by transport cars. This tool can also
be used to make sculptures and sculptures.

            Specifically this machine has the
following specifications: operator: 2 people, number of axes: 10, maximum
printing dimensions (L x B x H): 5.75 mx 2.96 mx 6.25 m, print volume: 106.3 m3
, layer width: 4.0 cm – 6.0 cm, layer height: 0.5 cm – 3.0 cm, print speed: 100
mm / s – 500 mm / s, material consumption: 0.9 l / minute – 54.0 l / minute,
inserting reinforcement slats: automatically, postprocessing surface: spindle
milling, space requirements: (L x B x H): 20 mx 7.0 mx 9.5 m (without u axis).

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