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Open Bowl Scrapers 637K

        This is one of the mining vehicles with super strong wheel power with an erosion capability of up to 570 hp and a Scraper capacity of up to 34 yards³ with a maximum speed of 34.7 mph. This vehicle is designed to meet all the challenges faced by all operators in the world in a variety of terrain encountered, from rugged and rocky though. The 12% better performance allows this vehicle to operate in a wide range of applications with APECS transmission control and fuel efficient use. In addition, having a redesigned cabin interior and ergonomic controls provide a more productive and comfortable work environment throughout the day.

        The 637K Open Bowl Scrapers are also equipped with a variety of extra safety features that help operators be more productive and efficient throughout the day. The operator can control tire slip with the tire slip reduction feature. The compression brakes can also operate automatically without operator intervention when the engine is over speeding which allows for an extra level of safety. This is also supported by an overspeed detection tool that automatically applies a compression brake based on acceleration. Various potential damages can also be minimized with the use of this vehicle, for example the differential lock binding protection feature can prevent the operator from activating the differential lock, which could cause damage.

        Efficiency is one of the main selling points of a vehicle that can be distinguished from other competing vehicles thanks to its various technological supports. Speed ​​limiting technology is able to assist the operator in finding the right gear that works best with the engine and transmission according to the terrain conditions at hand, this is very advantageous because it can reduce engine load factor and save fuel consumption rather than using the highest gear selection that makes the vehicle operate at or near high idle with the engine running at speed, so this technology plays a role in replacing top gear selection.

        The Open Bowl Scrapers 637K also features Load Gauge technology which can be optionally added. It works by measuring the pressure in the drum lifting cylinder at the beginning of the load lifting segment. This technology is especially helpful when continuous assist loading is being carried out so that it can provide more than 95% accuracy compared to the actual scale. In addition, Sequence Assist technology which is also an optional feature using a cylinder position sensor allows for automatic control of the apron, attachments and bowls through four main work cycles namely Dig, Transport, Dump, and Return.

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