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Open Bowl Scrapers 657

        It is an easy-to-use heavy vehicle with enhanced performance, safety and security. This machine can operate with a smooth ride level because it uses Advance Ride Management (ARM) seat suspension which is able to minimize the movement of the load cylinder at the end of the ride. Even when the vehicle is in eighth gear the overspeed protection can work automatically without operator intervention. Engine compression braking is accomplished by canceling the throttle command to help slow down the engine.

        The Open Bowl Scrapers 657 is touted to be the machine as a high performance solution at a low cost, even with the latest enhanced safety features with efficient wet disc brakes. The engines used are the Cat C18 Tractor and C15 Scraper types which already meet the US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards so that they are fuel efficient. The loading process will be very efficient because there is also an overflow guard on the suction arm which can divert material from the drum and prevent material from entering between the suction vane and the drum wall making it possible to transport and move more material

        The Scrapers 657 operator is sure to work comfortably with the various security features it has. The operator will find it easier to move the steering wheel because it is equipped with the latest high-pressure steering system plus Sequence Assist (accessory). The steering control system is also simplified by reducing the command system to 14 individual operator commands per cycle. The cabin used in this vehicle is also 21 percent larger than the cabin of the 657 G-Series with an upgraded interior and a very comfortable working environment. Operators will also be focused when working because of the intuitive control system, ergonomics, and multi-function information display. You can also keep the cabin temperature at the desired temperature due to the automatic temperature control.

        The Scrapers 657 operator also has a speed limiter Function to override the top gear selection. For example, when the vehicle is operating in cold temperatures, an automatic stop can help bring the transmission to operating temperature quickly at start-up. This tool can carry material efficiently because it is equipped with a load gauge with a drum lift cylinder pressure mechanism for mobile weighing during transportation. This system can be combined with the proven Sequence Assist to increase productivity with minimal operator effort.

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