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Open Bowl Scrapers 651

        It is one of Caterpillar’s reliable tractors that is used in various projects, including mining or other projects. This tractor was announced to the public in 2022 with high productivity capabilities that allow it to move more soil with its single engine. This tractor is known for its fast cycle times when working at lower levels. This tool is especially effective when combined with Cat D10 or D11 dozers with the ability to work even in abrasive or rocky conditions. Other advanced features such as the latest safety system in its class, wet disc brakes, as well as an efficient electric entry system that is proven to increase productivity and operator comfort.

        Some of the benefits that you will get if you use this vehicle are increased performance by up to 6%, operators who work more comfortably, and the best security system in its class. Various features such as fuel efficiency, ergonomic control, and safety features have become the main standard before this tractor was made. You can move more material thanks to Advanced Productivity Electronic Control (APECS) technology which provides better engine performance, power and torque, so you can have a productive all day long. You can also control the drive speed to set the desired top speed so that the operator can more easily find the best gear for the engine and transmission for better fuel economy in low speed areas.

        In addition to performance, Open Bowl Scrapers 651 is also designed for work safety and security with its various features. These include a ladder system, Optional Work Area Vision System, Seat belt indicator lights for visual and audible signals when the seat is closed, Easier access to and from the cabin, Easier and safer maintenance, ladder system, ground access fuel tank placement and several service points. easy maintenance Parking brake with spring hydraulic release mechanism Automatic stall for fast transmission to operating temperature. You can also manage a smoother ride with the Cat Advanced Ride Management (ARM) seat suspension feature with a load cylinder reduction mechanism at the end of the ride.

       One of the highlights of the Open Bowl Scrapers 651 tractor is the use of integrated CAT Technology that you can enjoy which includes engine data collection features which can be viewed online on the web application and mobile application. You also have access to information anytime and anywhere with Vision Link, so you can use that data to make informed decisions to minimize costs, improve performance, simplify maintenance, and improve job site safety.

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