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Open Bowl Scrapers 627K

        Open Bowl Scrapers 627K is one of the many tractors that are widely used for mining industries with performance and security that have been proven compared to the competitor’s vehicle series. Scrapers 627K produces a maximum acceleration of loading up to 33.5 mph with an accumulated scraper capacity and respectively reaching 24yard³ and 304 kw (407 hp). This allows vehicles to form a 12% better performance, of course also supported by various facilities/features that can improve operator safety and safety when working, including cabin interiors that are redesigned with high levels of comfort, ergonomic and simple control systems allow for operators to operators work optimally throughout the day.

       Open bowl scrapers 627K performance which is 12% better supported by increasing fuel efficiency and updated APCS transmission control that can maximize productivity in most applications. This APECS technology blasts the engine and transmission to be integrated and collaborated at a high level. This integration allows the machine to make better power and torque produced by the machine, so you will get 2 things at once, namely performance and efficiency. APECS technology is also proven to be able to optimize performance up to 8%.

        Open Bowl Scrapers 627K is very easy to use with simple controls so that the tractor will work under the control of the operator in full with 14 simplified individual command controls and operator monkeys that are more comfortable with a work cabin that is 21% wider than the standard type. Intuitive and ergonomic vehicle control systems provide operators to focus on every job in the field. Operators can also regulate and maintain the desired cabin temperature with automatic temperature control.

        Open Bowl Scrapers 627K is designed for the security of your operator and business. Operators can easily access and exit the cabin with a ladder system that is equipped with additional binder features so that it becomes safer. The operator’s safety belt is also equipped with a safety indicator that can provide a visual and sound signal when the seat belt is not used, so this system will remind and make the operator aware to continue to use a seat belt when working. Then the standard binding differential binding feature can prevent operators from using differential keys in the event of damage that may occur when working.

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