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Elevating Scrapers 623K

        Elevating Scrapers 623K is one of the most reliable mining vehicles produced by Caterpillar with a 23yard³ scaper capacity, 304 kW wheel power and a maximum vehicle speed of up to 33.5 mph. This vehicle is proven to be able to produce high productivity with lower costs and fast cycle times. This vehicle is also very supportive of the operator to work optimally and comfortably with various ergonomic support features such as the latest cabin interior and ergonomic controls that are simple and comfortable to use throughout the day. Vehicle performance has also been improved, for example with an increase in elevator torque of up to 7% and a stronger lift design proven to reduce chain wear and increase available torque.

        As one of the superior vehicles made by Caterpillar, the Elevating Scrapers 623K is also equipped with integrated CAT Technology which includes various monitoring systems, information gathering, and improving operator performance. Cat GRADE technology can level the job field faster and allow you to get the job done with fewer passes and less operator effort, so you can save more time and increase profits. Product Link™ technology makes it easy to collect online monitored machine data on mobile or web applications. Load Assist can reduce the training time of operators with little experience in operating vehicles. Then you can also access it anywhere and anytime through the Vision Link® feature and help you make the most appropriate decisions so as to improve safety at work sites.

        Elevating Scrapers 623K can also increase efficiency when operating because it is equipped with technological support such as hydraulic fans on demand, the new tractor helps reduce fuel consumption, fortunately you can save operating costs. The Series also uses Emissions from the Cat C13 tractor engine that are on par with US EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II and US EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA emissions, which are proven to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, vehicle performance is enhanced with maximum protection such as the use of a suction sleeve overflow guard which can divert the load from the bowl and prevent material from entering between the suction sleeve and the bowl wall, thus providing extra safety.

        The vehicle safety system is also supported by a variety of operating comfort features in the cabin such as a wider work cabin up to 21% with simple and extraordinary intuitive controls. Then increased operator visibility provides comfortable working conditions in the cab all day long. The vehicle can run more smoothly thanks to the moving support at the end of the load cylinder stroke, the operator can also reduce the vehicle speed by simply releasing the gas. In addition, the load or payload can be placed and distributed optimally and work site efficiency.

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