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Coal Bowl Scrapers 657G

        It is one of the mining vehicles that can be used for activities of transporting, loading, and unloading mining materials with a faster cycle time so that it can provide consistently higher productivity at a lower cost per ton. The material loading mechanism begins by lifting the material from the cutting edge and transferring it to the material load which can be specially used for coal material handling. In addition to its outstanding performance, the Coal Bowl Scrapers 657G series also requires simpler and more economical maintenance because the engine service point is placed on the right for easy access. Besides being safe, the service platform is also equipped with several handrails that can increase access and security. 

        The 657G Coal Bowl Scrapers are built to operate in a variety of terrains, even in the toughest conditions. This is supported by a proven Cat Engine that provides increased power and torque for excellent flotation under even heavy loads. Operators can also have extensive control over engine speed due to the backup Throttle feature which anticipates throttle failure, then the presence of throttle lock gives the operator control to lock both engines at any operating level which is also equipped with variable injection timing and duration which maximizes cold start. and fuel efficiency and can reduce smoke and emissions. Controlled throttle shifting can also extend transmission life by reducing the fuel injection rate before shifting.

        Coal Bowl Scrapers 657G is proven to increase operator productivity because it can place the operator in a comfortable and safe working condition including the AC feature that can cool the operator’s workplace, the suspension seat provides a comfortable ride on even steep roads, the hydraulic servo control system can provide a comfortable feeling. lightweight vehicle with excellent maneuverability. The operator will work in a standard cab with rubber mounts that can minimize vibration, noise, so that the operator can work in the best conditions during the day or night. Electronic shock absorbers can be used to reduce vibration or shock for a smoother ride and more precise control. The vehicle oil temperature can also be controlled to stay safe and cool with an oil cooling system that can extend the life of the oil.

        The Coal Bowl Scrapers 657G is also equipped with a variety of built-in safety features that are proven to be superior to other competing vehicles, including brake and drum pads, differential locks, and a front and rear contour separation system. Brake and drum pads can reduce brake and drum wear and improve braking performance. Differential locks are also proven to increase traction on slippery and steep surfaces. Then the engine life can be extended with various engine protection systems such as multilayer heat shields that can cool the engine and work compartment, extending the life of hoses and cables, thereby increasing tractor protection.

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