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Open Bowl Scrapers 631K

        The Scrapers 631K tractor type is one of the best produced by the Caterpillar company with improved performance up to 8% better with faster cycle times so that it can consistently provide maximum productivity at the lowest cost per tonne. This vehicle has also transformed technology in an effort to achieve efficiency. Some of the technological support that has been applied to this vehicle are Load Assist, Load Estimator, Speed ​​limiter, Grade control, Speed ​​control, and Sequence Assist.

        Load Assist is an optional feature that can be added to reduce the learning curve for a new, inexperienced operator so as to ensure faster and more consistent material loading and reduce operator workload. Load Assist automatically adjusts cutting edge height to machine speed for wheel slip control and allows for a consistent and efficient loading process during large digs.

        The load estimator technology has the ability to measure the drum lift cylinder pressure at the beginning of the load segment so that it can estimate and calculate engine payload in tons or tons. This support can operate optimally when using sequence assistance. Several experiments have shown that this technology can provide up to 95% better accuracy compared to the actual scale. When ordering a machine with Sequence Assist, the estimated payload will be activated automatically.

        Speed ​​limiting technology works with an upper gear selection shift mechanism, allowing the tractor to find the correct gear that works best with the engine and transmission. The operator can limit the machine’s maximum speed by setting the maximum speed in ET or selecting it on the work screen display. This technology has also been proven to save fuel because it places the engine and transmission to select the correct gear when pulling a load as opposed to selecting the highest gear, which requires the tractor to operate at high idle with the engine running at a less than optimal speed.

        Cat Grade Control Technology is also an optional feature that intelligently conditions the tractor so it doesn’t overload the underground filling or cutting area, and can avoid rework and waste removal. Then the speed control technology found in this vehicle series can also set the maximum speed required by the operator according to the work field faced in a shorter or longer period of time. Sequence Assist technology is a simpler command control support for operators that is equipped with a cylinder position sensor to control attachments, aprons and bowls automatically on four main duty cycles, namely Dig, Transport, Dump, and Return. This technology is proven to reduce up to 14 individual operator commands per cycle.

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